File Integrity Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring the integrity of your files and configurations, put your trust in CimTrak.  Whether you need a file integrity monitoring solution to meet compliance requirements such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards 10.5.5 and 11.5 or simply want to add a virtually fool-proof layer of security to your IT environment, CimTrak file integrity monitoring software can meet your needs!  CimTrak file integrity monitoring supports hash verification up to SHA-512, and instantly detects and alerts you when a change occurs to a monitored file or configuration.  Of course the power of CimTrak file integrity monitoring does not stop with simple detection and alerting.  CimTrak file integrity monitoring software was the first, and still is the only file integrity monitoring solution to offer the ability to store “snapshots” of changed files and configurations as well as offer the ability to restore files and configurations back to a pre-change state in real-time.  Now that's true file integrity monitoring!

Complete File Integrity Monitoring - CimTrak monitors file contents, security attributes, permissions, registry settings, security policies, drivers and services as well as local users and groups. 

Advanced Change Insight - Know details behind all changes including who made the change and what process was used.  Plus, CimTrak gives you the ability to compare files and configurations pre and post change allowing you to quickly examine changes for investigative purposes.

Ease of Use - CimTrak file integrity monitoring is simple to install and configure.  In a few minutes, you can be watching your files and configurations and ensuring their integrity.

Inherent Security - Built with the stringent requirements of Government customers in mind, CimTrak file integrity monitoring keeps your critical data secure.  All files and configurations are stored securely in the CimTrak Master Repository and all communications amongst CimTrak components are fully encrypted.

Low Total Cost of Ownership - With a very competitive price-point and the ability to set and configure CimTrak file integrity monitoring without the need for costly “professional services,” CimTrak fits your budget.

Agent vs. Agentless File Integrity Monitoring

CimTrak gives you true, agent based file integrity monitoring.  Agent based file integrity monitoring software excels over other methods because it can detect changes in real-time and give you complete change detail.  Agentless monitoring can only “poll” a file at a particular time interval, and then determine whether a change has occurred or not.  This means that changes can go undetected for a period of time.  Critical changes to IT systems that go unnoticed, even for a short period of time, can have catastrophic consequences.  This is especially true if changes affect critical business systems such as payment card processing systems, where any downtime is unacceptable. With CimTrak, you get unparalleled file integrity monitoring that alerts you to changes instantly and provides you with advanced change insight on most operating systems.  To learn more about choosing a file integrity monitoring solution, download our free file integrity monitoring whitepaper now.